Welcome to CityBusExpress!

Hi there, we are CityBusExpress. We love traveling and we are excited to help you with your city trips. Our business strategy is based one a very simple concept, offering the most competitive price while providing a first class service. You are not just buying a bus ticket; you are ordering a full service and first class experience. During the journey we provide you with free drinks, including free beer, movies and WiFi connection. In addition your comfort in the bus will be guaranteed by our on-board stewardess.

Founded in 2014, we believe that our service level is the new standard in inter-city coach travel. Together with our 25+ affiliates and our partner BetuweExpress we will do anything to meet and exceed your expectations.
The market for inter-city coach travel is rapidly changing in Europe and CityBusExpress will be at the forefront of it. So book your next city trip and travel by bus from Amsterdam to Berlin with CityBusExpress.

Thank you for choosing CityBusExpress!

  • Purser on board
  • Less stops, super fast routes
  • Guaranteed the best price
  • Free drinks including BEER!
  • Onboard Wifi


Be our Autumn Guest!

September 29th, 2016

Autumn is here! After a summer of enjoying the sun, cold beers, going outside with friends and family, you might want to stay inside and enjoy the warm surroundings of your home, family and friends. You may also decide to be a brave soldier and go outside to enjoy the beauty of Amsterdam or Berlin! … Continued

Travel from Amsterdam to Stuttgart or Frankfurt with DeinBus.de and CityBusExpress!

July 23rd, 2016

CityBusExpress has launched  a new code sharing with DeinBus.de from Germany, www.DeinBus.de. Through our unique codesharing agreement DeinBus.de customers can travel to Amsterdam and other cities in the Netherlands while the CityBusExpress customers can easily pick travel destinations in South Germany such as Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Heidelberg. This code sharing arrangement is a trendsetter in … Continued

CityBusExpress verder reizen dan Berlijn!

June 20th, 2016

Voortaan kunt u met CityBusExpress verder reizen dan Berlijn dankzij onze unieke codeshare overeenkomst met DeinBus.de De klanten van CityBusExpress hebben nu toegang to het netwerk van DeinBus.de en kunnen daardoor eenvoudig een reis plannen naar steden in Zuid-Duitsland zoals Heidelberg, Keulen, Stuttgart en Frankfurt. U kunt nu de zomer vieren met een koud glas … Continued