“The ear of the leader must ring with the voices of the people.”

— Woodrow Wilson


Former U.S. President Woodrow Wilson had it right. A leader must listen to be a true leader. Just as leaders need to listen to their followers so do companies need to listen to their customers.

Increasingly travelers in Europe’s inter-city travel market have one simple demand:


Enjoy an enhanced travel experience at the lowest possible cost


What does that mean? Very simply stated:

  1. Pay as little as possible
  2. Yet, receive surprising quality and convenience


These are exactly the core principles of CityBusExpress. We offer the lowest bus ticket for travel between Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Berlin, Germany yet combined with qualities and conveniences that enhance our customers’ travel experience. These include:

  • The fastest Bus connection between Amsterdam and Berlin and any of our other citytrips. Our travel time is shorter than any competitor.
  • Free beers and free soft drinks in the bus as well as free newspapers and magazines.
  • Free WiFi,  (in Germany).
  • An onboard steward handing out refreshing wipes and towels, ( not on all routes).

How can we offer a superior product at a record low price? Very simple by keeping our cost basis low and far below industry averages. CityBusExpress does not employ overly priced consultants, neither do we have fancy office space or any other expensive infrastructure. Traveling with citybus is cheap and very comfortable!

CityBusExpress is supported by its more than 25 agents world wide.

So next time you book a citytrip consider traveling with CityBusExpress.


Thank you for choosing CityBusExpress!


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