Belgium, the surprise of Europe

Belgium, the surprise of Europe

Travel plans to Europe?

When traveling to Europe, Belgium is quite often not the first place that comes to mind. Most folks would prefer Paris, Berlin. Amsterdam or Rome. Apart from these city trip hot spots others may opt for the beautiful beaches of the Spanish Costa’s, the Greek Islands or the wilderness of Scandinavia.

So why chose for Belgium? What does this tiny bilingual country have to offer that its bigger brothers on the European continent do not?

Belgium’s surprises:

Tiny Belgium has a lot to offer, whether you visit the Flemish speaking part or the French speaking Wallonian area. Belgium is a mini version of the American state Maryland, it has just about everything. A nice very well developed coast line, beautiful traditional country side landscapes and the rough Belgian Ardennes with plenty of camping, trailing and even ski areas.

But Brussels really is the capital of Europe with all the perks related. Together with the Belgian city of Antwerp it is the global center for the diamond industry and heart of the best chocolate manufacturers to be found. The city center is a melting pot of all European cultures and due to Belgian’s colonial past also a meeting point for many African countries and heritages. The tiny cobbled streets of Brussels are filled with french style cafes, bistros and restaurants. Everything is walking distance and contrary to other big European cities you can actually still park your car and you will not be bankrupt after a weekend out on the Brussels strip!

Brussels is centrally located in the heart of Europe and easily accessible from all directions. You can make this the starting point of your classic European tour!

Things to visit:

Belgium is world famous for its beers than can be bought all around the world but when visiting you must visit one of the original Trappist breweries. These are the breweries where the monks brewed the original Trappist beers. These beers are known to have a high alcohol content and there are only a few brands and breweries left! Belgium is the only country with Trappist breweries. Visit the classic and historic down town area, “Manneke Pis” and of course the national symbol of Brussels “the Atomium”. Ready to leave the big city? Take a mini canal cruise on one of Wallonian’s pittoresque water ways. It will make Venice jealous!


The best time of year to visit is in summer, late spring and early autumn when the weather is at its best. You can travel with CityBusExpress from Amsterdam and Rotterdam to both Antwerp and Brussels. Daily departure from Amsterdam is at 8 in the morning and you will be in Brussels at 12 noon, just on time for a long Belgian lunch! Travel CityBusExpress from Amsterdam to Brussels and enjoy your free beer en route to the surprise of Europe!


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