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CityBusExpress may offer express bus service between Amsterdam and Berlin but hey we can’t beat the race cars from the famous Zandvoort Grand Prix to be held in the Netherlands between September 6 and 8 this year.


The first Grad Prix was held in 1948 and the last one in 1985. On two occasions the Zandvoort Grand Prix was also designated to be the European Grand Prix, in 1962 and 1976.

Due to the rise of famous Dutch Grand Prix racer Max Verstappen, the city of Zandvoort will host its first Grand Prix in a very long time on September 6-8 2019!

Many concerns had to be overcome such as complaints by residents about noise and of course the concern for the environment but finally all agreed, the Netherlands will hold another Grand Prix this year!


Zandvoort is located about half an hour drive by car or train from Amsterdam and right on the beautiful Dutch coast line. You can watch the last day of the Grand Prix, take the train back to Amsterdam and hop on our CityBusExpress overnight sleeper bus to Berlin!

Travel CityBusExpress between Amsterdam and Berlin and treat yourself to a taste of real Dutch grandeur by visiting the Zandvoort Grand Prix! Book your journey now at




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