CityBusExpress offers First Class service!


CityBusExpress was founded on two basic principles and we delivered on our promise:

“Offer the lowest price in the industry yet with a surprisingly high service concept”.

We aim to become the Singapore Airlines of the intercity coach business. We can offer First Class service at the lowest price by keeping our costs below industry averages.

So what does that mean “First Class service”?  It goes beyond the free beers, drinks, refreshing wipes and welcoming trendy music when you board the bus. It is a service concept reflected in everything we do! How fast do we respond to your emails, comments and Facebook posts? What happens when a bus gets delayed or a customer complains about our service?

CityBusExpress is launching a few new key features on its services between Amsterdam and Berlin, Amsterdam and Brussels and Amsterdam and Stuttgart. These service enhancements will gradually be introduced in the first and second quarter such as:

  1. Are you not happy about our service? We will give you a full refund!
  2. Expedited boarding by using PDF tickets with bar codes.
  3. A state of the art frequent “flyer” program with BusMiles and free tickets.
  4. Delays that are longer than one hour? We will donate 250 free BusMiles into your frequent flyer account. You need just 1.000 bus miles for a free round trip to any destination!

And much more to come thanks to our partnership with Betterez and their state of the art booking system. CityBusExpress is the first European bus company to launch the Betterez booking system.

Enjoy your travels between Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels and Stuttgart more than ever before with CityBusExpress. Make your booking now at and enjoy a free beer at our expense!

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