Enabling our disabled fellow Citizens to travel

Enabling our disabled fellow Citizens to travel


Travel is not just for the elite, it is a civil right for everyone including disabled people. Unfortunately not all buildings and travel means are easily accessible for folks in a wheel chair. Improvements have been made globally but there is a long way to go.

Wheel chair access in Amsterdam:

Amsterdam specifically is a very challenging city for handicapped people to get around. Part of the reason is simply due to its centuries old history with the small streets, alley’s and complex canal houses and establishments. Add to that the abundant traffic of pedestrians, bikes and cars especially during the high season and the rainy weather of the winter season and you probably have one of the most unfriendly cities in the world for the disabled. That is unfortunate because Amsterdam is otherwise known as the City of Tolerance.

CityBusExpress had a policy that we would pick up some folks from their homes and drop them off at home again. That was something we could honor when we were still a small provincial bus company with only sporadic services between Amsterdam and Berlin. In 2019 will have daily services between Amsterdam and Berlin and we are driving with our new Double Decker bus on a very tight schedule as passengers have tight connections to the other cities in our network. You can imagine that it is impossible for us to take an extra hour and drive the enormous Double Decker bus to a small canal house in downtown Amsterdam to drop off an old lady.

CityBusExpress’ Value Proposition:

Despite all the challenges of providing quality service to disabled people we are not running away from one of our founding principles and corporate responsibilities which states that we provide excellent service. It is therefore that effective immediately all people bound to a wheel chair travel for free with CityBusExpress. In case they are unable to get out of their wheelchair to board the bus we will offer them a train ticket to their destination and reimburse 50% of the costs.


CityBusExpress will continue to be at the forefront of progressive innovation and initiatives. This not only includes our free beers and free Wifi but also includes some of the weaker and more unfortunate among us. That is our corporate mission, that is what we stand for and that is what we are proud of!






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