Fly away on the German Autobahn!

For most Europeans it is no longer a secret but if you travel from outside of Europe to the the Netherlands and hop on our CityBusExpress bus from Amsterdam to Berlin then you will experience something really unusual.

Up till the German border most cars do not go faster than 100 KM per hour due to strict environmentally motivated speed limits in Holland and most of Europe. By the time you reach the border you may be asleep as the trip to Berlin is an overnight bus. But soon you will wake up by the roaring sound of what seems to be an earthquake. It almost sounds like the noise when the Concord broke the sound speed limit. It kinda goes like “BENG”. The bus will shake for a second and as you look outside to see what happened you see nothing. Just about one mile ahead of the bus you will see the tail  lights of a car rapidly fading away. What just happened was a BMW passing the bus at an astonishing speed of 240 KM per hour or about 150 Miles per hour.

There is no speed limit on the German Autobahn. You can drive as fast as you like!

This was not enough? Wait till you get to the 3 lane track between Hanover and Berlin, the official site of the all time highest speed recorded on any highway in the world. This happened May 3 2018 at 04.05 in the morning. A Ferrari 458 manged to drive 328 KM per hour, or over 200 Miles per hour. This will get you from Amsterdam to Berlin in just two hours.

So, is it safe to drive so fast? Apparently yes because car accidents are lower in Germany than in any other country in Europe. The golden rule is to always stay in the right lane unless you are passing and of course to stay focused on the road.

Perhaps is a bus from Amsterdam to Berlin better. CityBusExpress gives you free drinks, you can take a nap and relax. Sure it will take you a bit longer to arrive in Berlin from Amsterdam but you just experienced the world’s largest museum, the German Autobahn!

CityBusExpress offers daily service from Amsterdam to Berlin and from Berlin to Amsterdam, stopping at Hanover and Osnabruck.



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