Free Beers with CityBusExpress, Competition charges for Water!


CityBusExpress is about the celebrate its 5th anniversary! Who would have thought at the time that this tiny Dutch company could take on the mighty government sponsored bureaucratic German and French competitors? They still haven;t figured us out but we give them a hint. We are making money and offer the lowest prices and Free Beer in the bus. That’s right FREE Beer. Oh and for the real beer lovers,,,,,there is no limit! You can have as many as you want. Don;t you love us by now?


See, we can offer the lowest prices, make money and offer perks that no one else has simply because we work smarter and our cost base is lower. We don’t have a dedicated person responding to customer emails yet we respond faster to any client email than Flix Bus and Oui Bus. We don’t have a full time yield manager to calculate the best price, we are simply always the Cheapest. You don’t need a calculator for that! Yes we make mistakes, buy hey, our Google Review rating is as high as Flix Bus and way higher than Oui Bus which has a horrible 2.9 rating.

Next steps:

Where do we go from here? Well, we will always continue with our Free Beers. Our apologies in advance if your preferred brand is not available among the several brews we offer! But we go beyond this. CityBusExpress is on the Eve of a massive 2020 expansion to other European cities and even more convenient connections on our flag route Amsterdam-Berlin. Our buses will remain brand new like our current spacious Double Decker.


Customers have a choice. They can opt for Flix Bus and sit in a 10 year old small bus having to pay for water or they chose CityBusExpress and enjoy the fresh smell of brand new seats and leather and sip on one of many Free Beers. Most importantly, when you get to your destination you have money left over because our ticket prices remain the cheapest in the industry!

So again, Thank you for chosing CityBusExpress!

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