Living the Dream, celebrating Success with our new Bus!

Living the Dream, celebrating Success with our new Bus!


Who would have thought this two years ago. A new comer in the market launches an express bus service between Amsterdam and Berlin. No one took us seriously. We believed though that we could be better and cheaper than the legacy large competitors.

After just a few test trips we noticed enormous demand for our products and services. From Day One the buses were all full. We are therefore very pleased to announce that starting December our new DoubleDecker CityBusExpress bus will go into service!

Our new Bus on the Amsterdam-Berlin route:

The brand new bus features extra comfortable seats, more legroom, a kitchen with FREE DRINKS and outlets for every row of seats! The Wifi service has improved and we have at least one English speaking driver on every trip. When you enter the bus it feels like getting on a DoubleDecker airplane, there is space, space and even more space. Not just for you to relax, sit and sleep but also for your luggage. With even more luggage storage than ever before we extend our policy that there is no limit on luggage to carry on your trip. Even bikes and ski equipment can be taken.

Where do we go from here?

In 2019 our beautiful and spacious DoubleDecker bus will drive daily between Amsterdam and Berlin. The bus leaves Amsterdam at 23.00 hours and arrives the next morning in Berlin at 07.00 hours. The return leaves Berlin at 08.30 hours to arrive back in Amsterdam just before the end of Happy Hour at 19.00 hours. On the way we removed the stop at Osnabruck to reduce the travel time but in Hanover you can still stretch your legs, puff a cigarette and get something to eat.

The future is all ours as our business model has proven to be a major success. Our costs are lower than the competitors so we can offer a lower price AND better service. Next year we will increase our services between Amsterdam and the Belgian capital Brussels. In 2020 we expect to launch two new routes across North Western Europe to enable our customers to use CityBusExpress to more of their favorite travel destinations. In 2020 we also plan to have a second departure between Amsterdam and Berlin just to make sure that our competitors are getting nervous!

Combo trip Amsterdam, Berlin and Brussels with CityBusExpress?

Are you planning to do a combo trip to more than one of our destinations like Amsterdam, Berlin AND Brussels? Email us so we can make you and your friends a competitive offer.

For now, sit back, relax and enjoy your ride on our super comfortable DoubleDecker bus and as always:

Thank you for choosing CityBusExpress!








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