My best Friend in the Sky has a Follower!

Known as the Queen of the skies, Singapore Airlines is probably one of the most respected airlines in the world. Whether you fly coach in one of their older planes or First Class in the brand new A380 or Boeing 777, you will be impressed by their extreme focus on customer service and satisfaction.

How does Singapore Airlines deliver excellent service? Is that because they are spending more money than the other carriers? Is their cost base higher so they can justify and ask for a higher price? Not necessarily. So let me throw in a live example that I experienced. I was lucky to secure a ticket from Los Angeles to Singapore last week and got upgraded to Business Class. After being pampered with goody’s, snaps, snacks and what have you, I was very comfortable in my seat and taking off to one of the longest non-stop flights in the world. Just 30 minutes after take-off when the Dom Perignon was doing its third round, the plane was forced to return to Los Angeles LAX airport due to engine failure. The plane landed safely  and every one got off. The moment I re-enter the airport a text message emerged on my phone just 1 nano-second after I had turned it back on again. It was an email from Singapore Airlines apologizing for the aborted departure. They added 20.000 Miles to my account and within 30 minutes emailed a new itinerary for a flight to Singapore. Needless to say the extra 5 hours I had to spend at LAX airport were pretty comfortable as I was escorted to the first class lounge for the inconvenience I had experienced.

Wow, just “WOW”. I had no other words. Can CityBusExpress copy this service? Not really but we can pick some of its elements that don’t cost any money. See, the free donation of Miles to my Frequent Flyer account was a zero cost to the Airline. The friendly smiles from staff, the 1 million 2 hundred thousand apologies I received were also at zero cost to the Airline. CityBusExpress now has an award winning Frequent Traveler Program. Customers who are not satisfied receive enough BusMiles for a new trip!.What about the response time to emails from customers. Do you really need to hire 20 people full time for that like our competitors do? I doubt it. We can cut some of the red tape and simply work harder and more effectively.

See, that is the service concept of CityBusExpress. We just work harder and better than anyone else. Remember the slogan of Avis? Avis rental cars has been the number two car rental in the U.S. for a very long time. Their slogan “We simply try harder”.

So, to put deeds to our words, we make a bet with any one who is interested. Send an email to Singapore Airlines customer service and at the same time to CityBusExpress customer service and ask a question. If Singapore Airlines responds faster than we do than your next trip with CityBusExpress between Amsterdam and Berlin or between Amsterdam and Brussels is on us! We will show you that tiny CityBusExpress has such a customer focus that is so razor sharp that we can out perform the most respected service provider in the universe, Singapore Airlines.

Just to complete the record. Also try sending an email to FlixBus customer service. Maybe by the time that Easter and Christmas fall on one day will you receive an answer from them!



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