Surprise, you are in Brussels!

Brussels is called the surprise of Europe. Usually not the first pick for global backpackers who stroll the Old World, but certainly worth a visit. CityBusExpress has a daily shuttle service between Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Brussels. The bus arrives in Brussels around lunch time or as they call it in Brussels “Beer time”.

The drink rule in Brussels is “no alcohol before noon” and the Belgians are very strict about that but AFTER noon, all brakes are off and locals rush to get their first pint of the day! Belgium has more different beers than any country in the world and that for a nation the size of a large pizza!

True beer experts know what beers from Belgium are famous for. Besides all the different types and regional brands, Belgium is also host to 6 out of the 11 global Trappist beers! That is right, the majority of Trappist beers are from this tiny country. Trappist beers are  very strong beers traditionally brewed by Trappist Monastery breweries. It is not a type of beer but rather beer with a very strong and unique heritage and origin. Needless to say that is not the free beer that CityBusExpress serves on all its bus routes but “hey”, you can’t have it all on our bus! Have one of our free beers to warm up for the strong Trappist beer once in Brussels and we won’t tell the locals that you drank BEFORE noon!

Belgium is more than beers, it is world known for its diamond industry, chocolate, “Manneke Pis:,  and of course the residence of most of Europe’s government agencies and NATO. Though Belgium may be split by its bilingual people, it is the place for world leaders of all kinds to meet and greet ( and have a beer!).

Book your trip now with CityBusExpress from Amsterdam or Rotterdam to Brussels and get your pint in due time!


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