The White Surprise of Holland!


You are not looking at a bowl of Italian pasta rather you are starring at the White Surprise of Holland. Guess again, it is now snow or all the blond hair that the Dutch have. We are talking about White Asparagus, correct, not Green but White. The Dutch are not world famous for their food but 6 weeks per year you can get one of the most exclusive delicacies in the world exclusively in the Netherlands. This is usually between mid May and late June depending on how the winter weather was.

Delicious and super fresh:

During this unique 6 weeks period the restaurants that serve White Asparagus literally go to the local farm in the morning to get that day’s harvest and drive them to the restaurant for preparation. They are Super, SUPER fresh. The bottom of the vegetable can be a little hard bus as you go to the top it is as fresh and soft as a delicious Belgian chocolate. What makes White Asparagus so unique is that there are so many dishes you can use them for. It is a vegetable that mixes well with any food. The drink preferably is a semi dry white wine. So how are they eaten? Gosh, the options are overwhelming. Traditionally you eat them cooked with shredded yellow egg and raw ham but the average restaurant may offer more options including:

  • Asparagus soup
  • Asparagus salad
  • An oven bakes cake with Asparagus
  • Brown sandwich with sliced Asparagus
  • Salmon with Asparagus (my favorite)
  • Believe it or not there are even Asparagus cookies

Asparagus to go on the CityBusExpress bus from Amsterdam to Berlin:

The only drawback of this super delicious food is that they are expensive. Expensive because they are only freshly made 6 weeks per year and can only be found in the Netherlands. So some of the local restaurants may charge a premium price. Your best bet would be go to to one of the better known Dutch restaurant chains like Van der Valk. They can be found along side most of the Dutch highways and you can get this fantastic Dutch dish for a decent price. You can also buy them at any supermarket and try to prepare them yourself during your stay in Holland.

Here is a tip, ask the CityBusExpress bus driver to pull over at one of the road restaurants in Netherlands so you can get a freshly prepared Asparagus dish. CityBusExpress is offering premium service on our routes between Berlin and Amsterdam and Brussels including free drinks and Wifi but we can’t afford to get a kitchen and a cook on our bus yet!

Enjoy your trip with CityBusExpress in our beautiful doubledecker. Sleep even better after a nice Asparagus lunch!



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