Wooden Shoes are allowed on the Bus!


Wooden shoes are officially allowed on all CityBusExpress trips! So why not buy a pair of Clogs when you travel to Amsterdam from Berlin or Brussels with CityBusExpress? You get in the Dutch spirit even before you settle down at the windmills or have a Dutch beer in one of Amsterdam’s canal side bars.

History of the Wooden Shoe:

The wooden shoes date back centuries and were primarily made to help farmers protect their feet against the sharp grass cutting equipment. In the era preceding the invention of the Wooden Shoe a farmer’s son cut his foot of as he was doing his lawn chores. Dad came to the rescue but it was too late. The young man was crippled for the rest of his life. Soon the Clog was invented, the tick wood protects against any cuts from the outside.

But there is more to it. The Wooden Shoe has many advantages. Think about it, you never need to spend any money on shoe shines or laces. You can easily put them on and off like flip flops and they are very cheap to buy. On snowy days you don’t need to wear boots, you just wear your Wooden Shoes. They can be worn without socks and in winter of course with socks.

Future of the Wooden Shoe:

Unfortunately, the future of the Wooden Shoe is not very bright. With the focus on climate change and preserving natural forests there is increasing support to ban future production of the Dutch iconic tradition. Also, apart from some country side farmers, the Wooden Shoe has failed to get any more practical usage. You don’t really wear them on a first date or when you go biking. The only purpose they serve is protection when gardening or farming. But rest assured, you can always visit the largest Wooden Shoe museum in the world in the Dutch City of Eelde,  The International “Klompenmuseum” will keep your Wooden Shoe needs satisfied for generations to come. Visit them at www.klompenmuseum.nl/


The Wooden Shoe will slowly disappear from every day Dutch live but their part of Dutch culture remains and it is yet another good excuse to hop on a CityBusExpress bus from Berlin to Amsterdam! Book your trip with CityBusExpress at www.citybusexpress.com



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